The Meaning of Brain-Shot

The name Brain-Shot refers to the little shot glasses with a high-intensity drink which makes our brain react.

No matter if it is alcoholic or a super food shot of ginger, they create an intense and fun experience much in the same way that Brain-Shot trainings will with every session you take.

And very much like shots our trainings are short, respecting  your busy lifestyle and the many demands on your time.  

"… the infants who do best are those who can discern the thoughts and moods of caregivers and solicit help and care from them via various kinds of interactions and communication."Hawkes (2014)

International Leadership Coach and Master in Systemic Coaching, Magdalena Bischof utilizes socio-anthropology, socio-psychology, brain-research and the patterns that result from the three to activate full potential in human interactions. Through her E-Trainings she illuminates the relationships of infant development and adult behaviour; the understanding of human interactions to life mastery. Her visionary model and techniques allow an entirely new approach to leadership, sales, parenting and human interactions.

She draws from her experience as a leadership coach for over 20 years, inspiration from a longterm research on human interaction, and her personal passion for cracking the code of reading people itself. Her greatest joy is sharing her discoveries with others. Through Brain-Shots, Magdalena Bischof provides techniques to activate synergy among humans, empower hidden potential, and leading to successful interactions. She is the founder and creator of the Brain-Shot E-Trainings©, a multi-level training on human interaction, reading human reactions and leading or training people through the resulting understandings.